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All over the world, the shipping industry directly employs millions of individuals. The multibillion-dollar industry has the potential to employ thousands more in the coming years, even as the shipping industry receives more emphasis as a key economic stimulator. Thousands of the workers employed in this sector work in shipping yards in different job positions, which facilitate the construction, maintenance, and repair of ships.

Material Fabricators

These are perhaps the most important workers in the entire shipping industry. Their duties include making the different structural parts required to construct a ship. They start with the technical drawings before moving on to fabricate the material, mainly metal, necessary to build the ship.

Structural Welders

Welders serve the important responsibility of joining together the different structural metal, following a predetermined course and plan, to build up the ship. This is a labor-intensive process, which requires the coordination of hundreds of different welders working in different points within the ship to complete the job. Different ship-building welding techniques are utilized to ensure that the final product stands the structural integrity tests.


Like any other construction, plumbers are highly necessary in helping ensure that the necessary water fittings and connections are perfectly in place. Plumbers have the responsibility of laying the necessary pipework as well as connecting the required pumping equipment to keep every part of the entire ship well supplied with clean, fresh, and hygienic water.


Electricians have the responsibility of making the necessary installations of all electrical infrastructure, including cables, wiring, and installation of electrical equipment. They have to work hand-in-hand with other personnel, in different other professions, to ensure that all equipment goes to a precise location according to the structural schematics. Electricians and plumbers are maintained during the entire ship’s lifetime as they have to ensure that these crucial utilities are in good supply.

Quality Control Experts

The entire shipbuilding process is highly controlled and regulated to ensure high standards of quality and structural integrity. Quality control experts and engineers have the responsibility of ensuring that everything installed and build in the ship is to the standards and specifications expected. They serve their responsibility by doing regular inspections whereby any potential lapses in quality are pinpointed and rectified. Before being launched into service, every ship must pass multiple quality inspections as conducted by the quality control experts.