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Encouraging employees is not merely about praising them or making them feel better. Done genuinely, encouragement can reward good deeds and empower employees to take charge of their position. The ability to encourage someone through positive and negative times is both an art and a science. 


Ask Them What They Need

The simple question of “How can I help you?” offers an open door to helping your employees. The timing of this question is as important as the delivery. Try and be observational when it comes to your employees. Watch for changes in their body language, gestures, or tones. Sudden negative changes like tension in the shoulders, tired markers under the eyes, and a short tone can be indicative of frustration within an employee. Then would be an ideal time to reach out to your employee and seek ways you can listen.



Are you familiar with the expression “You have two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you speak”? It’s a very smart rule to follow when it comes to leadership. Make a genuine effort to listen to your employees. Please pay attention to who they are, and be present and attentive when they come to you with concerns or complaints. 


Recognize Wins

It’s very easy as an employer to only address losses or negative behavior, and expect wins or positive behavior without comment. Try to be attentive to the wins of your employees, and their positive contributions to your team. When you see something, say something. Acknowledge their positive attributes and their accomplishments. Doing so will make them feel both seen and known.


Being a leader of a team, business or organization can be very difficult. It may be hard to put in the effort to see and know your employees. But, in the long run, it’s the best thing to do for not only your company but for your own growth as well.